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It’s a privilege not a chore

I will get on with my thoughts on what makes a good research question soon but today I want to thank the various journals and universities that have asked me to opine on various articles and promotion decisions over the past few months. Yes, I speak of the role of ” lowly ” reviewer!

It is nice to be getting back into life as a regular academic and that brings requests to do reviews. I have done six of them in the last month and while I would not want to maintain that pace all year I must say it is good to be back. While editors get the headlines, the single most important role is that of a reviewer. In essence the reviewer determines the life or death of a paper. It is the closest we mere mortals get to playing ” god”!

So while we might look on these low profile, non- paying for the most part (JAR and JAE excepted), roles as reviewers, they are the lifeblood of academic excellence.

I also want to thank the journals that have asked me to be an Associate editor, editorial board member and ad hoc editor. As I said it is fun to be back doing important work!

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