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Welcome to Musings On Accounting Research by Steve (

This blog is a continuation of my previous blog which became a little problematic after May 1, 2013 when I became ex-careditorsteve.  Somehow a blog entitled “Ex-CAReditorsteve”  did not sound too exciting!

So for a continuation of the “wit and a little wisdom” or “wisdom and a rare bit of wit” on the exciting subject of ACCOUNTING RESEARCH that was featured in careditorsteve read on.

For those new to this prescient I am a Professor of Business at Queen’s University in beautiful Kingston Canada where I am also the Director of the CPA-Queen’s Centre for Governance located at Queen’s School of Business.  I have been an active accounting researcher since I obtained my PhD at the University of Michigan in 1993.  I have published in all the leading general interest accounting journals (CAR, JAR, and TAR) as well as the leading niche social and behavioral journal (AOS) in addition to publishing in a variety of significant yet more modest outlets (AJPT, BRIA, JOAC, Accounting and Finance).

(NOTE: While some of you might not agree, JAE is a leading niche journal in accounting too, just one that is based on economics!!!!  Hard to call a journal that is based on only one social science discipline (and indeed not even all of that discipline compare JAE’s article selection to the topics covered in the American Economic Review) a general interest journal.)

I have reviewed over 500 papers during my career, edited over 1000 papers at three journals (CAR, AJPT, JMAR) and been the Editor (in-Chief) of Contemporary Accounting Research.  I have conducted more than 20 workshops involving at least 200 young accounting researchers on the Craft of Accounting Research. Hence, I think I have the credentials to be a pointed but respectful critic of the goings on in the field of accounting research.

In addition to my comments about the research “game” as it is practiced in accounting my blog will also have practical advise for junior academics who are new to the “game” to help them understand the sometimes bizzare tribal customs that make up the rules of accounting research.


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