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The long awaited premier


In less than 45 minutes I am giving my first workshop on the third paper in a three paper series that has consumed me in the last few years.  Yes, Kris, Yi and I finally have a working paper to accompany the video that we unveiled last fall.  The paper reports the formal results of the real time simulation we ran on evidence based policymaking in the audit standard setting domain with former standard setters.   Presenting it at one of the most rigorous U’s in at least the Southern Hemisphere if not the world, the University of Sydney!

The paper is so fresh that there is still a spelling error in my name!!!!

Finally, a shout out to readers in Canada,  THANK goodness for the sake of evidence informed policy making that we got a government that believes in research even if they do not always follow it.  Better than a government that thinks a census should be voluntary (da, the dictionary states that is impossible).

From beautiful Sydney, its showtime.

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