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Lipe wins Notable Lifetime Contribution to BAR Award


Lipe and Salterio – together again! Last year it was my great honour to receive the ABO Section’s Lifetime Notable Achievement Award. This year it was the turn of my co-author and informal dissertation supervisor. Yes indeed, the award recipient this year was presented to Professor Marlys Lipe, currently at the Moore School at University of South Carolina!!

Marlys gave an inspiring acceptance speech that highlighted her perseverance under adversity in the early years of her post-Chicago PHD days while at Michigan highlighting the actions of others reaching out to her during those times that laid the basis for her career! The nomination noted that she is a highly regarded scholar but that she also gave back to the research academy by her extensive service, especially during her nine years as a TAR Editor where she helped guide many young researchers’ dissertations to publication.

I personally appreciate Marlys for her acceptance of my invite to co-author work on the Balanced Scorecard at a time where I seemed destined to not publish ever in the American 3! Thanks to Marlys for your guidance both during my “rough and tumble” dissertation years ( can you imagine what supervising me must have been like?) and then three years later to take me on again as a co-author!

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