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On the Webb!


Well the CAAA finally made it official – Alan Webb of Waterloo is the Editor in chief of Contemporary Accounting Research elect!

Alan, a great management accounting scholar and current President of the MAS, ( but who has also dabbled in Audit research) is an excellent choice! Alan, like me, is a Maritime grounded no nonsense sort of guy! Unlike me, he has the political skill to deal with the CAAA Board, so he will do well.

After Mike Welker has worked so hard to restore CAR as being author friendly, it is good to see that in Alan we have another author friendly EIC. What do I mean by author friendly? Focus on service to authors rather than focusing on their own timetables. I can readily predict there will be no eight month waits between editor acceptance and EIC finalizing under Alan.

Good luck et bonne chance, Cher ami!

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