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Warning – software change affecting accounting researchers


Wow! Now that is an ambiguous title for a blog post!

But accounting researchers who are or will be submitting articles, reviews and editing decisions over the next six months to a year – BEWARE. The AAA is converting from Allentrack paper management software to an Editorial Manager based system because it appears they have no choice! Allentrack will not be supported for new submissions in 2020 by the good folks at Allentrack.

What this means is a massive increase in workload for AAA staff, lots of chances for senior editors, editors and reviewers to make mistakes when they think they are being responsive and lots of potential for authors submitting papers to have their papers lost or delayed due to process issues.

So be forewarned and forearmed. Read those acknowledgements, pesky as they are, carefully over the coming year STARTing now! Check and recheck what you submit to the system.

and May the Force be with you! ( non English first language readers note, a take off from Star Wars movie)

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