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It’s been a long time . . . .


For those authors who have to wait until their paper appears on paper for it to count, the American Accounting Association has been having a tough time delivering this past year.

What seems to have happened is no Plan B was in place when their publisher/printer ran into the financial wall last June! From there on in it was all hands on deck to try to get Journal issues out. The latest late issue being the May TAR issue; coming out in mid-June.

This has resulted in lots of carry on issues with the section journals, when you cannot get the big guy out the door on a timely manner! Manuscripts are taking a long time to get to early views, a long time to proof stage and so on!

I get lots of complaints about this but most authors are understanding once they hear about the problem. (Not so understanding about the lack of a Plan B but they realize that is on the AAA Executive, not the pubs folks, the section leadership and those of us on the cutting edge, the Senior Editors).

But it would be nice if someone at the AAA Exec level owned up to the problem, took responsibility, and communicated clearly when we can spect the backlog to be caught up on!

In the mean time we Editors carry on . . . . . .

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  1. saltersb says:

    This would be the same AAA who just hired a C level corporate person as COO and has raised the annual meeting fee to the point where persons at teaching schools or even Research 2 schools will be hard pressed to attend. Time to have the CAA take over the AAA?

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