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It’s been 22 years but JAR has finally. . .


Our somewhat less than friendly senior sibling has finally broken down after a 22 year hiatus from publishing qualitative methods research. Yes, the survey researchers at JAR have slowly been incorporating more and more qualitative data into their papers but 1997 was the last time a pure qualitative paper was publishing shed in JAR ( Miller and O’Leary on new manufacturing controls in a heavy equipment).

Before saying what paper it is and who the authors are, I have to admit a conflict of interest; after all I was her dissertation chair!


  1. Steven Kachelmeier says:

    Very happy to see this article published. I don’t know Marshall Vance that well, but I certainly think the world of Christie. Good for her, and good for you Steve S. in supervising such an excellent new scholar. Regarding JAR more generally, I wonder if it really has been 22 years since JAR last published a qualitative research study. I haven’t conducted any sort of comprehensive search, but what would you say, for example, about the Erickson, Mayhew, and Felix article in Spring 2000 JAR, entitled, “Why Do Audits Fail? Evidence from Lincoln Savings and Loan?” That seems pretty qualitative to me. There may be others — I’m not sure.

    Steve Kachelmeier

    • It may be as short as 19 years, but EMF was more of a historical study using archival data about the Lincoln Savings and Loan case from the 1980’s. That is a bit of a slippery issue.

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