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Travelling to USA


After the US elections I see no reason to change my policy of restricting travel to the USA to essential trips only. While I recognize it is a drop in the bucket my personal policy of economic sanctions on the USA continues. I continue to urge readers to think carefully about US Conference travel and unless your trip is of a high impact variety, consider whether you should reward the US economy by using your scarce research funds to support that economy.

It is clear that US citizens do not yet realize the consequences of their electing the current President and it is up to those of us outside the USA to do what we can not to reward such behaviour. Management Accounting 101 hear about incentives, rewards and penalties at work here.

If one does have to make a trip, do it on a non-USA based airline, stay at hotels that are from non-USA based companies, rent vehicles from non-us based rental firms, etc. In other words get their attention the only way it seems effective – via $$$$$.

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