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Honouring academic accountants who are professionals!


Tonight I get to do something I thoroughly enjoy – watching yet another of my co-authors receive the highest recognition that professional accountants in Canada (the bet hedging accounting body newly renamed as Chartered Professional Accountants (the old CA plus a P to entice Management and General accountants to join in). Over the past decade I have watched first Alan Webb, then Theresa Libby and tonight Susan McCracken being awarded the “fellow” designation. All three were present the night I received my “fellowship” and now once again the team is totally on board!

20 years ago it was rare for an academic accountant to be so honoured (unless they became Institute president). You could have counted them on one hand those who held a PHD, a professorship and a fellowship! It is great to see the accounting profession recognizing the value of accounting educators.

I hope this happens around the world given the vital role we play as custodians of the future of the profession!

Congrats again to Susan McCracken, PHD, FCPA, FCA!

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