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ABO meeting Day 1


I have a luncheon talk about “a third of a century of ” progress” in behavorial accounting research”. For careful readers of the blogs (this one and it predecessor careditorsteve)I pulled together and an elaborated on themes I have discussed previously about the need for diversity in accounting research.

This morning waking up in Phoenix I get another sign I was on track with my conclusion that for social and behavioural researchers ” our time is finally here”. JAR’s December issue has two of five papers featuring strong behavioural experiments. It really has been a long time since one issue of JAR has featured multiple experimental papers! Well done to the authors and to JAR’s editors!

P.s. the ABO doctoral consortium appeared to a a real hit with doctoral students and faculty alike! Amazing keynote by Steve Kaplan. Great questions from doctoral students both as part of their preparation and in person!

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