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In Phoneix at the ABO mid year meeting


The ABO MYM almost always falls on Canadian Thanksgiving! Indeed it is almost by design as Canadian Thanksgiving is on the second Monday in October and the ABO meets on the second weekend in October! But I digress.

Spent two hours last evening meeting behavioural doctoral students from all over the world! Singapore, Australia, Various EU countries, Americans from all sorts of different Universities, a venerable United Nations in the desert of the USA ( notice the double meaning here). An group of enthusiastic young people working on their networking skills in a pretty protected environment, a pre- doctoral symposium cocktail party!

Networking is a learned skill and how to do it is hard for an essentially introverted set of folks like accounting PHD’s. Why is it important? It helps find co-authors, it allows one to casually check out research ideas, learn about the job market including the inside scoop about U’s you might want a job at and more! The keys to networking can all be learned from the handshake (unless religiously or culturally inappropriate then a formal bow or some other acknowledgment), to the ability to give a 30 second clip about yourself and your program, to having a few good stories about yourself, your university, and your department especially your supervisor. For introverts at first it is hard work but as the old line goes about how do you get to Carnegie Hall. “Practice practice practice”. (Carnegie Hall is a leading arts performance venue in New York City and for out of town performing arts troupes it is a location that if you play at you are considered to be successful)!

More later as the Conference develops!

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