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With our modern day editorial systems submitting papers can be more challenging than it should be. As editors of journals that I submit to know, I am not the best at adapting to these systems. But I do try to be complete and if I screw up I immediately inform the editor.

A long term issue that really grates on me is authors leaving out the research instrument, or submitting one that cannot be read without a microscope!! Nearly all journals that accept survey, experimental or field research require the instrument ( using the term loosely to include interview prompts). Yet my recent experience at BRIA and my longer term experience at CAR suggests that between one third and one half of all such manuscripts are submitted without them or with one that is not readable.

Authors, what sort of impression do you think that makes on the individual who assigns editors and reviewers? Is that really how you want to start the review process, already down by a goal (especially if that goal is a soccer/ football goal)? It is a tough game we play so at least get right the things you can control!

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