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Only in Europe . . .


Two thirty minute classical music programs performed by Bocconi U students as part of the welcome programme and the Gala respectively! Can you imagine this at AFAANZ, AAA or CAAA Conferences. Plus an interpretation by a business undergrad on why you should emerge yourself in the music! WOW it was GREAT!

But the EAA can do no better than any of the others in its Annual Congress (Association Annual Meeting). All four are equally enlightening (or the opposite). Nice to find something Europe cannot outclass us on.

The intellectual cross- currents are strong here. Very good to excellent experimental, field, and archival research (especially in niches rarely seen in NA like CSR but also mainstream). While I did not go to any there were also strong modelling sessions.

Finally, and this amazed me! Over 10% of the attendees at least 183 people were doctoral students! It was a young crowd!

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