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Next up the Netherlands


I enjoy visiting the Netherlands!  Indeed the Netherlands is on a small scale what I would envision the accounting academy being worldwide.  No research method dominates, but strong research is being done in many Dutch universities from archival empirical financial accounting, to auditing and management accounting experiments, experimental economics, analytical, qualitative methodology in audit and management accounting and more.  This in a country of 17 million people, half the population of Canada, and smaller than 4 US states individually (California, Texas, New York and Florida).

3rd International FAR Conference

I will be the closing plenary speaker (more or less) at the Dutch FAR Conference held in Amsterdam (see link above).  Then I will transition on to ISAR 2018 held in Maaschritt.  Should be a fun week.  Once again, I invite folks interested in BRIA to say hi and ask questions about the changes underway!


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