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Elesvier fun and games


Elesvier has apparently changed its Editorial Management system for journal submissions.  It has caused some interesting emails to be sent.  A couple of examples:

  1. march – an email from a senior accounting journal telling me both reviews were in and the editor would be making a decision shortly.  never had this happen before and i wonder if i got the editor’s email instead as some 22 days later still no decision.
  2. april – got an email from a senior accounting journal reminding me that my review was LATE.  The email went on to tell me that my review due date was April 28.  Last I checked, there is still 12 days until April 28 (and this is not a revised due date it is the original due date).

Gotta love editorial management systems.  Mind you as one who has been around long enough to have to submit three paper copies of articles, mail  them in to the editor, and to get papers to review by mail, I still understand we are much better off than before.

But, as a Senior Editor at the AAA, it reminds me that I can live with the quirks of AllenTrack if this is the sort of thing changing EM systems brings.  Let the next much younger senior editor deal with that switch – PLEASE.

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