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updating the publishing model


It has been 10 months since I took over as BRIA Senior Editor.  The first issue of 2019 will be my first issue as Senior Editor.  Rick Hatfield’s papers will fill the journal for the rest of 2018. (Yep you have read those dates right!).

These long lags are part of the reason that a decade ago I championed the use in journals of “Early Views,” “Accepted papers” and a variety of other names as headings for the posting of accepted papers online as early as possible.  It seemed then, as it seems today, that it is ridiculous that we await publication of papers for months if not sometimes years (yes, you journal that takes years know who you are) for papers to be published “officially”.

The day of formally releasing journal issues is likely soon to be gone.  And I for one will not be sorry to see it go!!!!

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