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Day 2 – research at NFC


The NFC is both exciting and exhausting from a senior faculty member perspective. Three breakout sessions plus a research fair plus interactions socially.  Hence, the quiet week on the blog front.

A big shout out to JMAR Senior Editor Karen Sedatole who was the main voice (okay the only voice) for research diversity on the formal program.  Indeed, she raised a name that I suspect was virtually unknown to most of the US junior faculty present, Anthony Hopwood.  Mind you I think Anthony would have had a very dry chuckle in his way about his face appearing on US Mount Rushmore (if you are not American look up what types of faces are on Mount Rushmore – heck even many Americans probably could not tell you – sigh.).  Karen made the point that intellectually we allow agency theory to dominant the discourse in accounting when agency theory is such a small part of mainstream economic thinking let alone psychology and sociological thinking.  Great graphics made the point.  And she told us what she was going to say, said it and reminded us of what she said – no passing reference here but truly putting herself on the line in favor of intellectual diversity in accounting research.  A tough thing to do in front of an audience of 71% archival and 58% financial accounting researchers.

Mind you, I was not totally surprised because I know Karen is a charter member of the Radical Centre.  However, I was surprised to hear her reveal that to the world, at least the world as represented by junior faculty.  Well done Karen!!!!

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