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Evening 1 at US New Faculty Consortium


Wow what a difference a few years makes.  The NFC is now much more responsive to the entire population of schools that new faculty teach at in the USA.  Teaching loads vary from the minority at 3/0/0 and 2/0/0 to 3/3 and above with the mode and mean being the 2/2 load.

Mind you, based on the new faculty who were sent this year, diversity in US research is still a long way off. 71% are archival researchers and 58% are financial accounting even though less than 50% teach financial accounting.  Experimental research is still hanging in there at above its long term average at 25% (20% is long term).  But few case studies, field studies, surveys, and no history, . . . . . Dah, . . . . . .Does that not suggest that the production of PhD’s in the USA is more than a bit narrow in focus and not focused on the market realities.

The practice speaker was asked, how can we better influence practice. His response do a better job at studying human behavior of preparers, auditors etc.  Experiments, case studies, field studies, surveys and even history would provide some insights but with an audience of 71% archival researchers . . . . . .


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