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EAA’s ARC (Accounting Research Center)


Got an invite the other day to write a post on another blog – the EAA Accounting Research Center ( blog.  The EAA ARC is designed to help strengthen the experience of European doctoral students and programs.  The mission is:

Motivated by the EAA’s key priority of stimulating the research productivity of doctoral students and junior faculty, our goal is for the Accounting Research Center (ARC) to develop into the EAA’s one-stop location for research resources and networking opportunities relevant for emerging scholars and others interested in accounting research.

However, the site attempts to be many things and I will have to spend more time then I have right now to figure out what is going on in it.  But one comment based on a quick read:  The point of a blog entry is to get in, make a short and to the point insight about an issue – hopefully memorable – not to write an essay, mini-thesis etc.  Hats off for effort to the organizers and the EAA.  When I get the time to understand it better, I will contribute.  Until then, enjoy the referrals from MOREbySteve.

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