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Rites and doctoral defenses


One of the great joys of being in the research game is seeing PhD students successfully defend their thesis.  Number 9 defended today and number 10 is coming right along!!!!  But each student represents a story and a journey, one that often has false starts and dead ends, but one that for the most part has been successfully completed.

Some outside of academia (and indeed some inside) say we are intent on replicating ourselves.  Perhaps some do but I can safely say – not I.  For better or worse I have mentored two archival students (one audit and one financial reporting), four experimental students (three psychology and one experimental economics), and three field study students (two interpretive and one positivist).  These students who I have had the pleasure to work with over the past 18 years have been a source of pleasure and pride.  Indeed, I have had the pleasure of meeting the new PhD who was mentored by one of my former students!

We as faculty members sometimes forget the great privilege it is to share these journeys!!!  Just a thought for today.

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