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The rest of the story . . . . .


Some folks have asked me why I was picking on AIS and/or the UW Conference in last week’s posts?  Whoops, that was not my intention on either score. So just in case a wider readership thought that my comments were too unkind, let me elaborate on the good side.

First, the Conference was excellent – amazing gathering of faculty and practitioners that I wish more conferences had.  Very well organized (by staff who I had known years ago and thought were among the most competent staff I had ever worked with – you know who I mean).  Compared to the early years of the Conference there was a lot of synergy between  the panels of professionals/academics and academic papers presented between panels.

Second, The professional development sessions at the day before the conference were great.  Learned a lot about information visualization and cybersecurity.

Third, as for the AIS research – two of the three papers I got to see were great.  Indeed, one of them I urged to be sent to a much better journal than it currently was at.  No doubt that editor will not be happy with me.

So there you have it, the rest of the story. . . . . .



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