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CAR is back . .  . . .


Today marks the start of the CAR Conference and in my mind marks CAR’s return from being the journal of archival accounting research and poor customer service.  Last year was all too typical with an International Accounting Standards Board dominated conference and the normalization of long wait times for manuscript processing!

Under new EIC Mike Welker we see a return to a more balanced and rich CAR Conference typical of the Editorships of Richardson, Magnan and Salterio!  This Conference features a diversity of reseach methods and accounting substantive subjects that has not been seen since my last CAR Conference in 2013. . . 

Hopefully it also marks the return to an academic friendly journal where acceptance decisions are made promptly by the EIC.

This CAR Conference also marks the end of the period that I agreed not to comment on the mess that CAR became under my successor. But it could have been a lot worse!  At least we perserved diversity of intellectual content in the journal despite the lukewarm belief in that position by the last EIC.

So welcome back CAR, it is nice to see you back again!  Now only if I could get an invite! Yes indeed, the previous regime removed my name from the invite list! Maybe the new regime will decide to invite all former CAR EIC’s in the future?

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