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Information systems update


No, this is not announcing an update to Allentrack, the much “beloved” AAA manuscript submission software, but rather to announce and update for yours truly.  As cross-functional behavioral and social journal of the AAA I need to have an idea of what all substantive areas of accounting are doing.  Hence, this week I am attending the 10th Biannual Information Systems Assurance Symposium sponsored by the University of Waterloo.

This is far from the first time I have ventured into that domain.  Indeed, my recollection is that I was present and active at the first three biannual symposium on information systems assurance – back in the day when Y2K was a big topic. (Younger readers take note, Y2K is searchable on Google and the first several hits are quite accurate about the worry that it caused).

So while we have not yet had any information systems oriented papers submitted to BRIA since I became Senior Editor, we are ready and willing to process same with Editors and Editorial Board members that know their way around this literature.


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