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This just in . . . . .


I am delighted to inform you that Behavioral Research in Accounting (BRIA) is now freely accessible online to *all* AAA members rather than to Accounting Behavior and Organizations (ABO) section members only. As work published in BRIA addresses all substantive areas of accounting, we at ABO believe that BRIA has the potential to inform research across all AAA sections. For example, the Editorial Team at BRIA recently issued a call for research that discusses and/or illustrates advances in behavioral methods, methodologies, and theories. Such research has the potential to contribute to all functional areas of accounting.

On behalf of ABO, I proudly invite you to access all published and online early Behavioral Research in Accounting articles.

To view BRIA, as well as the rest of the AAA collection, visit the Digital Library.

You can learn more about BRIA here:

To submit your work to BRIA, please do so at:


Alisa G. Brink

2017-2018 President

Accounting Behavior and Organizations

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