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A week in bria 5 . . . . . .


Expanding on the call , , , , ,

3.    In a call somewhat replicating Anthony Hopwood’s call for papers in what he called his “biblioscence” section (or to be more precise my interpretation of his call) we express an interest in

a. Papers focusing on important theoretical developments in base disciplines (experimental economics/behavioral finance, psychology, sociology etc.) that the larger behavioral accounting research community should be exposed to.

b. Papers that encourage a constructive dialogue between research methodologies in accounting (i.e. ethical, interpretive, critical and positivist).

I get really tired of folks that shout “my method is better than your method.” I would like to see a constructive dialogue across research methods that explores their intersections and highlights what we can learn from different approaches.

For more details, see the Expression of Editorial Interest at

Click to access Expression%20of%20Editorial%20Interest%20in%20Methods%20v%201.1.pdf

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