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A week in bria 4 . . . .


Enchancing the last call!!!!  At BRIA we are interested in :

2. Methods papers that address study design and analysis issues. These papers could focus on:

  1. Statistical issues (e.g. how to use a particular technique in behavioral accounting research or how to correct prior misuse of a technique that has been used in behavioral accounting research).
  2. How to use a particular technique or construct (e.g., accounting applications of how to use of qualitative software for analysis of qualitative data, how to do interviews, how to set up a survey).
  3. Broad issues related to designing research (e.g. how to carry out a field study with particular application to accounting, how to carry out an experiential survey.

Check out the BRIA website for more details including references to example papers.

Click to access Expression%20of%20Editorial%20Interest%20in%20Methods%20v%201.1.pdf


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