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A week in bria . . . .


Day 1

Clarifying what should be submitted in a BRIA replication study:

Manuscripts reporting on replications should clearly identify the study or studies being replicated. The purpose of such a study is to demonstrate the robustness and inferential value of prior findings by incorporating a broader use of the scientific method in our field. The manuscript should highlight any differences from the original research study (e.g., measurements, manipulations, participants, etc.) and how these differences inform the literature (e.g., validity/robustness of construct). Relative to an original research article, the introduction and hypotheses development sections should be substantially scaled back. The goal is that the text will be around 10 pages in final print form and the use of tables and figures should be limited as well. This suggests a double-spaced manuscript submission including tables of no more than 22-25 pages. While the review process will be the same as it is for main articles, please indicate in your submission that your manuscript is a replication.

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