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Blog writer’s block


The summer in the northern hemisphere has produced a large blog writer’s block.  Hence, the “sound of silence” for the last few weeks.  So now for some thoughts:

  • After a quick start a couple of years ago, the number of replications coming into the system at BRIA has been low.  Reasons?  I will publish a brief introduction to replications at the BRIA website in the near future to help this conversation.
  • We are getting about a manuscript a week submitted.  So far the score is 4 second rounds, 6 rejects after first round, 1 not suitable for the journal. Four of the editors have processed their first manuscript.
  • A prominent Australian academic has agreed to write a 30 year retrospective on what is so far the only critical perspectives paper to have been published in the Accounting Review.
  • Critical Perspectives on Accounting is publishing later this year an empirical paper with six commentaries (Steve Kachelmeir and me among those six) that looks that the signals editors send when constructing editorial boards.  If you have never read CPA, this is one article you will not want to miss.

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