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I will be “girding my loins” to enjoy the doctoral symposium of AFAANZ today.  I was a guest of the symposium in 2011 when I was a plenary speaker at AFAANZ main conference.  I promised that I would return one day as a regular resident faculty member and this is that day.  Thanks to David Smith and company for having me.

I must say that one thing that strikes me about AFAANZ doctoral symposium both this year and in 2011, for a country that has such a diverse research tradition, the representation of students at AFAANZ is strongly capitial markets and finanical economics.  Any American faculty member would not feel out of place here with 75% or more of the students being some version of finanical economics based.  One of those strange puzzles about the big down under (or up there depending on your perspective).

In any case, as being the faculty member in the miscellaneous group I am looking forward to a set of really great presentations if the papers provided are any indication.

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