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ISAR a most successful gig!!!


Well ISAR was excellently run Liz Carson in her first solo attempt at chairing the conference.  Her long time sidekick/mentor/etc (Roger Simmett) was off being a standard setter this weekend so Liz ran the show.  And well run it was.  When the final plenary has nearly as many attendees as the opening plenary, you know something has gone well.

From a social and behavioral perspective it was great to see the diversity of methods on display.  We had a number of field studies, the usual set of experiments, a couple of experiential surveys plus some attempts to use psychology research in archival audit settings.  The topics ranged from critical audit matters, the use of specialists, audits of estimates, some CSR assurance related research etc etc etc.

Next year the conference moves to Maastricht.  One week after the EAA Congress in Milan.  Now if GMARS gets with the program, I may be able to do the trifecta in Europe next spring!!!  Ah, perchance to dream. . . . . .

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