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A prediction comes true


A little over a year ago I noted that several new accounting journals had entered the SSCI including Critical Perspectives on Accounting.  I suggested then that with the last of the major interpretivist accounting journals in the SSCI that the journal rankings by impact factor would never quite be the same again.  One year latter the proof is in the numbers.

JAE followed closely by AOS followed by Management Accounting Research followed by TAR and JAR to round out the top five.  AAAJ (Accounting auditing and accountability) followed by CAR rounds out the top seven with CPA as one of the next two!

This makes interpretive and field study oriented journals as two of the top five and four of the top ten and that is without including CAR in that number. Amazing what happens when you level the playing field!  Of course, the American 3 are in denial but as Al Gore once said denial is not just a river in Egypt!

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