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Finally, the AAA retracts


well it is official, almost all of Jim Hunton’s academic record is based on fraud!  The AAA today retracted almost every article he published in an AAA journal except for four articles where the co- author had collected the data, normally as part of their dissertation!

I anticipate CAR, JAR and others will soon be joining in!  By the time it is all over Hunton will make the list of top ten authors retracted according to the numbers at retraction watch!  

What is so amazing about all this is how long it has taken.  By April 2013 when I left the CAR editorship I was on the verge of issuing notes of concern on all Hunton’s CAR articles!  The evidence collection did not take long and the fact pattern was clear!  Yet, Two of those articles still have not been retracted or even noted at CAR!  I still wonder if it all would not have been swept under the rug given that I am the only person on the record that made an official complaint to Bentley University about this matter in December 2012!

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  1. […] Have written about the disgraceful academic fraud of James Hunton here and here. One person who saw things from the perspective of being an editor of an academic journal is Dr. Steve Salterio, of Queen’s University. He saw matters of data fraud as being fairly obvious, and questioned why some articles remained unretracted. As he pointed out in June of 2015: […]

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