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UT Dallas 24


i have never written about the infamous UT Dallas 24 journals that are suppose to be a measure of the research impact of business schools!  Why, well I never thought anyone would take seriously a list developed by folks at what is at best the fourth best public university in Texas – a strong regional school at best!

But every now and again I hear of Asian Business Schools that rely on this list not only to rank themselves on their research productivity but also to determine tenure and promotion!  Then recently I have begun to hear of European and American schools paying homage to it!  Now in a shocking (to me and I guess I am easily shockable) a major Canadian business school has done the same ( generally we Canadians are pretty level headed but sometimes folks get carried away)!!!!!  

The story behind the UTD 24 deserves more detailed examination and I will tell more of the tale over coming posts!  It is such a funny story if folks did not take is do seriously!

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