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The “gag” factor and research


as one of my current students is fighting the “oh my gosh I just want to be done” with their dissertation and an assistant professor who was a former student tells me about the positive reviews she has gotten for the second time in a row from a journal but still does not have the acceptance on the 4th round I am reminded of the ” gag” or persistence factor!

What I mean is the ability to tolerate yet another rewrite of a paper that you have already rewritten ten, fifteen or twenty times before!  No wonder so many research faculty my age and older like the life of a senior scholar who is called upon to write book chapters, thought pieces and review articles!  Indeed some of these pieces even end up in top journals – JAR ( rarely like this years’ JAR conference) or more normally JAE or AOS!  Even writing for top niche journals provides Dean’s with evidence you are intellectually active!  Plus it comes with the avoidance of the ” gag ” factor!!!!

But research for most of us is a battle from inspiration to publication that causes us sleepless nights, wonders about our sanity and career choices, and the temptation to give in to the positive reinforcement of teaching or the joys oF administration ( even if it is herding cats as at random at least one of the cats will do what you ask whereas reviewers rarely do)!  So for all those gagging along the research road, I salute you!

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