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CAAA sold out?


Yes indeed, two weeks in advance of the conference the Canadian Academic Accounting Association has announced the Annual Conference is ” sold out”!  The rubber chicken supplier must be full out of chicken as I cannot believe the venue cannot hold more than 330 people and I cannot think of any other constraint that this far ahead of the conference would cause it to be sold out!  The sell out must be due to the keynote speech on “creativity and diversity in accounting research” by professor Ole Kristen Hope!  (No I am not making this stuff up – it is in a real memo from the new executive director of the CAAA!). 

Further, the CAAA has copied one of the poorer innovations of the EAA – no discussants on papers!  So much for any serious feedback for young presenters!

Continuing past poor practice the Association presents only summary financial statements with minimal disclosures, no annual report  – all found only on the members only website!  Yet they are a registered charity!   

Careful readers whose first language is English will recognize the ” clever ” pun in the title! 

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