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What would management accountants do without MSU?


hard to figure out what the Journal of Management Accounting Research would do without the aggie school of Michigan ( called that for obvious reasons by Universityof Michigan grads – a little U.S. College humour)!  The fourth editor of jMAR from MSU has now been announced!  Following Shields, Luft and Krishnan is Karen Sedatole!  Congrats Karen!  

Karen, while an archival economist at heart, has been dragged by her colleagues into the Radical Center, having also done field and experimental research in management accounting.  Thus, I can say somewhat confidently that JMAR will stay true to being an open and welcoming journal where research is judged on merits not some paradigmatic test!

However the MAS maybe in trouble as, as far as I can see, there are no more obvious MSU candidates for JMAR editor after Karen!  Oh well, MSU has four years to deal with that!

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