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Preparing our doctoral students for the brave new world!


As the accounting job market continues to mature after an almost constant state of supply being much less than demand, it behoove doctoral advisors to prepare their students more for the job market.

At Queen’s I offer four seminars based on my analysis of the Canadian and U.S. Job market.

  • A 2 hour introduction to job market expectations and intelligence every year for all accounting doctoral students
  • A 2 hour preparing for the job market for students thinking about making this year’s job market about three months before the Miami AAA job market meeting ( for. Non NA readers this occurs six weeks before formal campus interviews are conducted in Miami FL in December)
  • A 2 hour getting ready for the ” fly-back” The latest American term for a visit to the university shortly after Miami!
  • A 2 hour negogiating the job offer right before fly backs begin.

Nothing elaborate and open to all types of accounting research types, these give our students the tools to succeed!  Every queen’s student who has taken all hour seminars has received multiple job offers – including offers at levels offered by many PhD granting programs in the U.S. Outside the elite couple of dozen!

These are not mandated for students nor am I compensated for doing so!  But I do report it as formal service as part of my annual accountability report to the dean!

I firmly believe that the laisez faire approach no longer is enough as the market matures!

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