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In the field in Florida


i have spent a great eleven weeks at UF in Gainesville!  9 incredible assistant professors who are very diverse ( by American standards)!  9 very bright and eager to learn doctoral students!  

The experience of teaching these students made it clear to me that there is no wonder the American academic accounting establishment does not want field research methods taught to their doctoral students.  they might actually do some interesting field research to complement the more traditional US methods they learn!  Unbelievable how open these “best and brightest” students were to learning about field research and how much they got into it – AND as overload class!  Mind you the free pizza lunches might have helped!

Anyhow of to Queen’s with a little meet and greet at VT University in Blacksburg along the way!  


  1. Eddie Thomas says:

    Thank you, Steve, for giving us your time and experience. I had read a fair amount of field research already as part of my own literature reviews. It was very good to get a better handle on how to evaluate this research. And maybe some day I’ll take the plunge!

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