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Role of intuition in research


making leaps of logic and connecting disparate observations together is the stock in trade of any researcher who is not a ” gap filler”.  Yet some researchers focus so narrowly on that leap that they end up doing less than enlightening research as they did not step back and put that leap/insight or burning intuition into a broader setting!

Is the leap you made the key in the setting or is there another allied area where you can make more impact?  Is the setting addressable by theory or do you have to fly blindly into the research if you stay committed to the project?

In other words follow your intuition but do not be ruled by it!  Use these leaps as a starting place not an ending place.  And above all else know when to put an idea on the back burner until there is a time when conditions for success are better rather than running with a half- baked idea that people always remember for the uncooked part not the baked part!

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