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Miami AAA accounting rookie camp and “other”


Vestiges of the original emphasis of the university of Miami’s narrow view of accounting ( recall in the first year it was really an archival financial accounting camp with space for others only on an “as available” basis) still linger. When registering for the camp candidates face a choice Under research methods of: archival, analytical, experimental and “OTHER”!!

Well maybe that is the old version of accounting diversity US style but what about field studies? Surveys? History? Other qualitative methods???

Given there are no substantive space constraints on a computerized form – surely it is not too much to ask to be a little more expansive about relevant research methods – even if only a small minority of US institutions currently support them. They are much more common in the ROW ( rest of the world) and if the AAA wants to promote this as more than a US centric event then it should be recognized!

Institutional barriers to research diversity have to fall in order for the broad domain of social science research to be fully incorporated into accounting.

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