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Replication editorial finally reproduced


Well, well, well!! At long last CAR has published my mini- forum on replication research in accounting!! For a while it looked like the editorial was going to be “lost” in the system but luckily I have a few friends and many allies on the current list of editors and consulting editors that did not flinch to stand up for publication.

The replication theme is particularly relevant in that the December issue is in the issue where CAR finally retracted one of the articles by Hunton published in CAR. Mind you there are two other articles, identified in my editorial just published, that warrant retraction.

But unfortunately things are moving at a very slow pace at CAR these days ( as could have been fully predicted ex ante – see careditorsteve blog for frequent predictions of this occurring based on past track record of the EIC). however I continue to hear how some CAR editors are performing GREAT service to the academic community, but the issue of slowness comes down to the person at the top. So who knows when these articles will be retracted!?!?!

So if you think you understand to what extent we do or do not do replication research in accounting, read my editorial in the December issue of CAR!!!!! It may well change how you think about this issue!

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