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Field research, encore


I recently noticed a call for field research in financial accounting from a very unusual source.  Yes, the Journal of Accounting Research (JAR) published a discussion of an archival empirical piece from the 2013 JAR Conference that encouraged and called for financial accounting researchers to enter the field and discuss their assumptions and findings with relevant market participants.  The discussant carried out a mini-field study on the paper he was assigned to discuss and determined the market participants not only disagreed with the rationale provided by the authors but also had a compelling alternative theoretical basis (once translated by the author in academic language) that better (?) explained the results.

See the following citation for the details.  It is worth the time to read.

SOLTES, E. (2014), Incorporating Field Data into Archival Research. Journal of Accounting Research, 52: 521–540. doi: 10.1111/1475-679X.12047

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  1. R.A. Evans says:

    Very interesting read! I wonder…how many archival researchers will take this to heart and attempt to incorporate some field research into their projects?? I thought the comment about accounting research not being the same as chemistry or physics very profound because there seem to be accounting scholars out there who don’t see the difference. I also now want to look up more information on the “Honda Effect”. Fascinating!

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