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Byu should remove . . . .


I confess to having a love- hate relationship with the BYU accounting rankings.

However, in reviewing their rankings recently I still see James Hunton’s retracted TAR article has just disappeared without any notation. Further there is no notation that directs readers to the damming report of the Bentley U ethics investigation that suggests numerous problems with his research!

If the BYU boys want to have full disclosure on their rankings you do not have papers used in one ranking and then disappear. Perhaps they need to become familiar with the term maintaining the integrity of the scientific record!

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  1. daw44David A. Wood says:


    This was a difficult question for us to decide what to do (and one we had not anticipated). Our belief is that a retracted article should not “count” in a ranking, but what we do to display the article we weren’t sure. So, while we were deciding what to do (and also finding time to reprogram the website and database), we removed the article. Our plan right now is to put the article back on his page with the title “RETRACTED: article title” and then not let it count in the rankings.

    As for the papers that have been accused but not retracted, we will wait until the journals make official decisions and remove them if/when they are retracted. We don’t want to take the place of due process by journals.

    Do you have different suggestions of what you think we should do? We do appreciate the feedback. Any time you have a suggestion, feel free to leave it on the webpage or send us an email. We want this to be a useful resource for the academy.

    David A. Wood

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