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Organizing mid-year meetings


One of the easiest jobs in the academic world to screw up is running a conference for your peers.

While there are frequently support staff and conference organization experts at the end of the day the conference is judged on two foods and a bed!

First, were the sessions well organized with related papers and competent discussants? Were the plenary speakers at least tolerable? In other words food for the mind.

Second, are the conference meals and snacks edible and is the bar free long enough to satisfy the average attendees craving for food for the body???

Third, can conference attendees who want to party have a place to go to avoid going to bed and can those who want to go to bed get a good nights sleep!

Sounds simple until you try to do it well.

Kudos to the organizers of both the Audit MYM and the Management Section MAC!!! Good luck to the sections to come including Systems, financial accounting, tax and international!

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