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Making a difference – JAR signs on!!!


The 50th Annual JAR Conference will be held in 2015 and will be composed to a series of commissioned review papers by authors that are not yet announced. Nothing surprising here. As JAE has long ago found out review papers are a great way to “goose” upward impact factors for journals!!!

But in a most courageous and intriguing move the announcement for the conference included the following among the list of papers commissioned:

3. Emerging approaches and methods in accounting research

And even more promising:

4. The use of field, survey, and experimental methods in financial reporting research

Wow!!! Never would have guessed JAR would be this adventuress.

Even if JAR still seems to believe accounting research is only about financial accounting, it is nice to see an allowance for more than the well ploughed fields of archival markets research.

BRAVO! Days like this make it seem that the efforts over the last few years have been worthwhile!!M

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