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Morebysteve reader stats are in!


I have been back in blog land for two months now and I am amazed at the readership we have so far.

Basically we are at the point that it took the CAReditorsteve blog almost thirteen months to reach, averaging over 800 views by approximately 300 unique readers a month.

Interestingly the biggest falloff in readership has been in the USA which used to comprise 50% of the audience for the blog.  Now it sits at roughly 33% and I do not need to run a t-test to know that is significant.  However, readership in the rest of the world is at levels on par with or higher than the old blog.

Thanks for reading.  Feel free to comment – whether you agree or disagree.  However, anonymous posts are discouraged – after all we are all adults here, if you cannot stand up for your thoughts, then be thoughtless (bad pun – non English first language readers can ignore safely 🙂 )


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