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CAAA president as CAR EIC??


Reading the front page of the Canadian Academic Accounting Association’s newsletter one would think the CAAA President was CAR editor in chief!!! He talks of the great location of the CAR Conference in Kingston (note to Jim – that the location that you told me was not my job to get but I digress ) and up to date statistics on CAR submissions. Indeed his entire front page column is about editorial matters – things he is suppose to have NOTHING to do with.

The goodness is that the editorial spat at CAR did not affect the quantity of submissions. It is great to know that I left CAR on a upward trajectory!!! But either the CAAA President is doing nothing on his own that warrants mentioning or there is a lot of political interference at CAR if the President (who I think last published a serious academic accounting paper in the middle of the final decade of the last century) devotes most of his column to CAR.

Am I being catty???? My cat Wilson has welcomed me to the species!!!!!

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