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Mission accomplished (?)

With the addition of Kathryn Kadous as an Associate Editor at Journal of Accounting Research relatively recently and the announcement last week that there were going to be six social and behavioral researchers as TAR Editors (yep somehow I (and Chris Chapman) got through the scrutiny of the AAA Publications Committee and Board) the underlying mission of this blog, to advocate for the radical center, has been achieved.

At least, I think it has.  It is amazing how fast change has occurred in the last three years:

  • JAR now refers to sociological theories and field studies in their description of appropriate types of papers to submit to JAR.
  • TAR now features, Chris Chapman and myself among the six social and behavioral editors (Christ, Gold, Hatfield, Hopkins are the others albeit you can make an argument to include a couple of the others (e.g. Dikolli)) of the forthcoming regime at TAR under the leadership of the most intellectually diverse Senior Editor in almost 30 years, Robert Knechel.
  • Most of the major AAA section journals (Audit, Management, Behavioral etc) have social and behavioral editors or associate editors including both experimental and field based folks doing positivist and interpretistic work.
  • CAR‘s set of social and behavioral editors is being renewed under the Editor (in-chief)ship of Alan Webb who starts this summer as EIC of CAR.  I will not steal his thunder by telling you who!
  • AOS has renewed its leadership with adding Mark Peecher and Marcia Annisette to Keith Robson to the set of Editors-in-chief.
  • and more and more and more

According to Google, the average blog lasts for a mere 100 days.  This blog and its predecessor, CAReditorsteve, have been around for a decade.  BUT in the last year I have noted that I have been repeating myself a lot.  Rather than waiting for readership declines deciding the fate of the blog, I want to go out on a high note! 2019 was one of the most followed years in the last seven!

This blog will remain on line, as many readers refer back to previous posts.  And if this change is like the Prague Spring of the late 1960’s (for millennials you gotta look this one up), “I will return!” (General McArthur reference) or “I’ll be backkkkkkk” (you all should know this one)!


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