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Ah, July . .

. . This is the month Canada ( at least English speaking Canada) goes on vacation! As evidenced by my blog activity I have done so too, without planning it!

Mind you BRIA is up to date as a Senior Editor can make it! So is everything else including beaucoup de tenure and promotion letters!

I continue to be puzzled by the inexact nature of the process that results in two opposite events – those worrying extensively about tenure when there is no need to worry and those going up for tenure when they are not even close! For the former type, the only cost is to the individual and their support system. That is great, no doubt but it pales to the costs of the latter. There you have external reviewers, P&T Committee members, deans and associate deans and higher level officials all having to labor over a negative decision. This in addition to the individual who while clueless early on gradually realizes things are not right!

So, I have drawn up a list of clues for the clueless. Think carefully about these.

1. What did the most recent positive decision case look like in your area/department? (Not the weakest case in the recent history of the department but the most recent – the led anchor and adjust heuristic applies here).

2. What are the implicit standards at peer schools, at schools that are part of your Plan B? ( I have talked about the importance of a good Plan B on this blog before) The further you are away from the former and the closer you are to the latter, the more likely you are to have problems.

3. As accountants in North America, expect the number to be six! Six “what” is a variable, but accountants are focused on one publication a year! Other parts of the world do not appear to be fixated as much on six pubs but I suspect there is some convergence towards. ( for the rare reader from the Uber top tier school that number tends to be moving towards eight but the fall from such a school is relatively soft albeit hard for the individual and their support system).

4. Be realistic about “what” counts! While you know your paper in BRIA belongs in TAR, the rest of the world sees a paper in BRIA. If only TAR’s and equivalents count at your school, don’t believe for a second you are going to ” sell” BRIA as an equivalent!

5. Remember that a voluntary change in university is always seen better than a forced change! Most folks will give you full marks for reading the writing on the wall correctly! This can only enhance you position when you finally do go up!

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